R3 Review: R3 vs KEF M200

HeadFi user, d marc0, has decided to take a different approach to reviewing our Brainwavz R3 dual driver earphones.

A good old fashioned FIGHT was held between our R3 and the KEF M200 and we are happy to report that we held our own pretty well, in fact the R3 won over d marco and came out with flying colours.

Now this is one persons prespective and we are quite aware of how different tastes are, especially in the world of sound, but this does show that the R3 are doing what they were designed for, they are making an impression and standing their own against the competiton. We made a bold statement withe the RF3, both in design and sound and we are proud that our work is being appreciated.

images are property of d marco and headfi

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Posted on 2014 Feb 07 by Brainwavz category: Review, R3