S1 review from Stozz Audio

Another stonking review from Stozz Audio Blog, this time they are reviewing our new and exclusiive S1 earphones.

" The S1 was a big surprise to me. I have a number of infinitely more expensive, stylish and technically better sounding earphones however, the Brainwavz S1 have stole a place in my heart. They are, by all regards, the best set of gym phones that I have ever owned. "

So far Stozz have reviewd out R3 and HM9 and, along with those, they also give the S1 a glowing reference. Also make sure you check out thier blog site as the layout is really clean and nice to read, although it does not seem to work on my phone, which is a shame, if anyone has a tablet then let me know if it can be viewed as my tablet has bitten the dust.

You can read the full review HERE

S1 product info HERE

Where to buy HERE

Posted on 2013 Dec 10 by Brainwavz category: Review, S1