New DELTA Reviews

Our new low cost, bang-for-buck Delta earphones are finally making their way into buyers hands and we are starting to gather even more reviews.

So, rather than adding them in one by one I have collected a few and listed them all below - have a read and enjoy, and, if you like what you see then pop over to our where-to-buy page for a list of sellers and retailers.

  • Hotboxx from MP4nation reviews the Delta with a comparision to other earphones - Read HERE
  • Several new reviews on storefront, and, as of right now ALL 5 STARS - see HERE
  • Reviews are popping up on Amazon - take a look here for the reviews so far - see HERE
  • Review from Russia - See HERE


Brainwavz Delta full product details - HERE

Where To Buy - Check here for retailers, both on the high street and online - HERE

Posted on 2013 Nov 05 by Brainwavz category: Review, Delta