Brainwavz R3:" Rounding Into Shape"

New review from HeadFi user jant71 for our new high end R3 earphones - and .. phew .. its a good one, well, we kinda knew it would be or we would'nt have made them. We know they may look different but thats a good thing right, and, they are comfier than you may think too - have a read of the review and if you like it then pop over to our WHERE TO BUY page and find a supplier.

The R3 won't be for everyone. They are decidedly big and thick and probably not for those that want small, light, and low profile. They are more audiophile voiced than many of the dual dynamics like the Radius earphones or even the R1. They are just an earphone based around a unique design, with a quality sound, and a competitive price. They stand out and are worth a look!  

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Posted on 2013 Oct 16 by Brainwavz category: Review, R3