Delta Review from IFans

IFANS have long been a fan of our products (their words not ours) and its great to see them having a go with the all-conquering budget busters - The Brainwavz Delta.

A few star rating from the review:

Design: ★★★★
Audio: ★★★★
Build: ★★★★
Comfort: ★★★★
Value: ★★★★

Not sure about you but we think those rating are pretty special, especially considering the the Delta are on the market for such a low price -  see link below for the full article and, as ever, many thanks to IFans and all reviewers that take time to put pen to virtual paper and do these awesome reviews.

Original article
Product page
Where to buy


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HM9 Video review from Geekanoids

Another review has dropped for our new headphones, the HM9.

Geekanoids have kindly taken the time to put up a video review of the headphones - so pop over and have a watch. .... or watch the embeded video below ;)

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S1 - 5 star Reviews at Amazon

A quick link over to to show off the reviews for our Brainwavz S1 earphones - 47 reviews with 44 gaining a full 5 stars and 3 with a still respectable 4 stars each.

The S1 are reasonably new to the range and we could not be happier that people are liking them as much as we do.

So if you want full and honest opinions about the S1, and remember this is Amazon! and people do not hold their punches when it comes to reviews, then pop over, grab a coffee and have a good read.


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HM5 review from Heads Fi

Our HM5 Studio Monitor headphones have been around a while now and believe it or not there are some that have never heard of them, and this next reviewer is exactly that person.

ashton18 from HeadFi recently discovered the HM5 and kindly put into words their thoughts, experiences and ..... love .. for our top of the range headphones.

I couldn't be happier with them and in my opinion these are right 'up there' with the leaders in the hi-fi audio business.

They've earned a spot in my headphone collection, and I truly recommend them to you as long as you know what to expect.

Original article
HM5 product details
Where to buy

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HM5 - More video reviews

More reviews of the HM5 - another youTube video, this time from MrTechAgent.
One point that MrTechAgent, and several more, mentioned are the pads that are included with the HM5. Many great comments are given to our pads and, what some reviews don't mention is that we do not only give you 1 set .. we give you a second set free!!!

MrTechAgent gives a great review of the HM5 so check out he video below and remember to head over to youTube and throw a few comments and thanks his way too.

Source HERE
Product Details HERE
Where to Buy HERE

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HM5 Video review: OwnDiZzL3

The Brainwavz HM5 Studio Monitor headphones continue their onslaught with another great review - this time from the imaginatively named OwnDiZzL3, who has kindly created a rather juicy 10 minute video review.

After spending more time with these, they are now my REFERENCE headphones. It simply has the MOST natural and neutral and cleanest sound that I have heard from a headphone. At the current price of admission for this headphone, it is a STEAL. 

.. and we especially love this quote ..

Don't even watch the review; just buy these now.

Read full article and watch video HERE

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HM5 - Another Video review

Some things are just too damn good to fade away or hide in the background - and this has happened with our ever popular HM5 monitor headphones. The review revival sees yet another video that gives these full size headphones a glowing and healthy recommendation.

Original video HERE
Product page HERE
where to buy HERE

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R3 Review: R3 vs KEF M200

HeadFi user, d marc0, has decided to take a different approach to reviewing our Brainwavz R3 dual driver earphones.

A good old fashioned FIGHT was held between our R3 and the KEF M200 and we are happy to report that we held our own pretty well, in fact the R3 won over d marco and came out with flying colours.

Now this is one persons prespective and we are quite aware of how different tastes are, especially in the world of sound, but this does show that the R3 are doing what they were designed for, they are making an impression and standing their own against the competiton. We made a bold statement withe the RF3, both in design and sound and we are proud that our work is being appreciated.

images are property of d marco and headfi

View original article HERE
Product page HERE
Where to buy: HERE

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CNET review of the HM5 studio Monitor Phones

Another review of our ever popular headphones, the HN5, this time from one of the biggest names in tech journalism - CNET.

There is a written review as well as a video review of the headhones, that also includes a rather cheeky booming echo added when ever   mentions our brand name - now what could they mean by that ;)  - lol

The bottom line: The Brainwavz HM5s sound great, are very comfortable, and are able to compete with high-end headphones for a relatively affordable price. 

The review pretty m,uch hits the nail in regards as to what these phones are for, cant say we agree on the comments about the looks but each to their own.

Full article HERE

Product page HERE

Where to buy HERE

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Brainwavz HM5 Video Review

The Brainwavz HM5 are still a very popular and relevant headphones so there are no surprises they we are still seeing reviews of these flagship monitor headphones.

The latest is a really nice video review from hifiguy528 over at YouTube. They give a nice overview of the new packaging which includes the large hardcase as standard and overview of the many accessories that accompany the HM5. So far its an unboxing and initial review so be sure to check out  hifiguy528 on his facebook or twitter etc to see what he thinks of the (impressive) sound quality ;)


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TrulyNet cast a critical eye over the R3

Came across an article from today where they are casting their gadget loving eyes .. and ears .. over our very own R3 earphones.

One thing that is becoming apparent in the reviews is the truly unique design of these dual driver earphones, and so it should do, as they are certainly very different to many and buck the trend of embedding the whole thing all the way into the ear. Its also becoming apparent that people change their minds once they get them on - finding the fit more than comfortable, certainly more than the first impressions.

The R3 truly are a departure in earphone design, but, as many find out once they use them, they are comfy and the sound soon wipes away any fears about fit.

Anyway, i digress, have a read of what the guys over at trulynet think.

Article HERE
Product Page HERE
Where to Buy HERE


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Brainwavz HM9 review from HeadFi

Another review hits the web for our new headgear - the HM9

bowei006, a member has created a detailed thread with video review and photos to accompany a thorough disection of the HM9 - highly detaild information on the build, design and sound and with multiple conclusions to please one and all - well worth a read

I can say that I will recommend the HM9 to people who want to head out in style, and who want good sound to boot.

Artcle HERE

Product page HERE

where to buy HERE


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Brainwavz R3 Video review

Its not often we get video reviews of earphones but when they come along we do appreciate them as they give a great perspective on things like size and feel and how they look over all, - here we have a new video from sandyTT on youtube.


Product page HERE

where to buy HERE

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Brainwavz R3 review from HeadFi

Review from HeadFi user mark2410 of the Brainwavz R3 earphones

As ever with HeadFi this review is all about the sound, the quality of sound and all the bits in between, have a read for a full on thorough dissection of these unique and flagship earphones.

I find myself really enjoying these.  I didn’t really think I would at first, I thought they would be a bit too boring but they have grown on me just so much

Article Link HERE

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Brainwavz S1 review by TechPowerUp

New review of the Brainwavz S1 earphones for gadget website Techpowerup.

Some nice photoes and a great review with a 9.8 review score .. YES!!!!

The S1s turned out to be a phenomenal set of budget in-ears.

9.8 Score

Article Link -> HERE

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M5 Earphone Review

It's not all about the new stuff, we love reviews no matter what they are, so here is a bang up-to-date review of the Brainwavz M5. These have been on our product list for a while now and, whhile not a funky looking, are known to sound better than they look - The M5 are well worth a look as they offer great bang-for-buck and come in two colors of standard black and striking copper.

"Over-all, this earphone, soundwise, is really bang for your buck. It does well in all categories, while keeping that clarity and detail there. It is warm and sweet, which can provide for longer listening sessions. It really shines in the bass and mids department, while keeping the highs good. Again, it’s solid across all areas for its price range, and I cannot stress that enough!"

Original Article HERE

Product Page HERE

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R1 - Amazon Reviews

Just an updateed link to Amazon as they have a nice collection of reviews for the R1 Earphones

Amazon Reviews HERE

Product Page HERE

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R3 - "the most unusual headphone of all time"

"The most unusual headphone of all time"

Now - that is a pretty BIG claim - but - we will go with it - who are we to tell people what to think .. ;)

The review seems to be a mix of languages, so not sure whats going on - but whats the heck, we just love that the title.

Original article

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HM9 Review from Head-Fi

Another review from head-fi, this time from a user called jant71 - once again, many thanks for taking the time to review our products - it is always appreciated by us and prospective buyers.

All images and quotes are property of jant71 from head-fi

Article Link

"For me the best performing and most enjoyable sound of all the latest Brainwavz releases."

" .... A really solid headphone very much worth a try!"


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R3 + Delta Combined Review

A combined review from ostewart over at of our new budget master, the Delta and our new top-end - soon to be design classics, the R3. Two sets of phones from either end of the scale are put through their paces in another grat and well written article for the guys over at head-fi

"The Delta is definitely budget done right, build quality is good, fit is good, and sound is great, add a little more body to the sound (slight bass boost) and they are killer, they have enough detail yet are very fun and enjoyable, with a in your face engaging sound.

"The R3 has a very odd design, but the sound is nothing like the bright looks, it is warm, lush and smooth, a very relaxing, non offensive sounding IEM."

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HM9 - Video Review

Video review of out new HM9 headphones

Many thanks to Panda Tech Review for doing this review and showing all the stand-out features of the HM9, on-ear headphones.

Click here to Read full article and watch the video


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S1 review from Stozz Audio

Another stonking review from Stozz Audio Blog, this time they are reviewing our new and exclusiive S1 earphones.

" The S1 was a big surprise to me. I have a number of infinitely more expensive, stylish and technically better sounding earphones however, the Brainwavz S1 have stole a place in my heart. They are, by all regards, the best set of gym phones that I have ever owned. "

You can read the full review HERE

S1 product info HERE

Where to buy HERE

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BRAINWAVZ HM5 Semi-Open Custom Cups

Online webstore, have been playing around with their new 3D printer and, after several experiments, have created a rather nifty set of semi-open 3D cups for the HM5 headphones. These cups give a clear new direction for the sound of the headphones, making the stage apper wider and more open. They come in pure white so they are easier to personalise and customise with your own designs.

If anyone gets hold of these and creates their own design then we would love to see them, so please send us a mail at or a link if you have them posted online.

You can order them direct from mp4nation - HERE


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S1 Review from Poland

Another review from Poland - this time on our new S1 earphones.

Google translated version - HERE

Original Polish review - HERE

image is property of zakupek

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R3 - New Review

First of al we would like to thank all those that take time to do reviews of our products - its very much appreciated by us as well as for the buying public, who, rely heavily on reviews and opinions to help in choosing new earphones - so, with that in mind maybe anyone looking for something unique and stylish should read the new review on the R3 earphones by  stozz-audio

" ..Brainwavz have a great reputation for producing headphones and earphones that perform well beyond their price bracket.."

" .... Users of the now ageing B2 headphones will find these a solid replacement...."

Read full story - HERE

R3 Product Details - HERE

Where to buy - HERE


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New DELTA Reviews

Our new low cost, bang-for-buck Delta earphones are finally making their way into buyers hands and we are starting to gather even more reviews.

So, rather than adding them in one by one I have collected a few and listed them all below - have a read and enjoy, and, if you like what you see then pop over to our where-to-buy page for a list of sellers and retailers.

  • Hotboxx from MP4nation reviews the Delta with a comparision to other earphones - Read HERE
  • Several new reviews on storefront, and, as of right now ALL 5 STARS - see HERE
  • Reviews are popping up on Amazon - take a look here for the reviews so far - see HERE
  • Review from Russia - See HERE


Brainwavz Delta full product details - HERE

Where To Buy - Check here for retailers, both on the high street and online - HERE

"Delta get inexpensive, good looking, reliable and pleasing sound."

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Pro Alpha - New Review

With all the fuss and attention currently on our new products (S1, HM9, Delta and R3) its great to find a a review for one of our older models.

Brainwavz enthusiast louisnomad decided to grab a pair of the Pro Alpha from an online store that was happpened  to be running a promotion that, it seems, was too good to miss. Now, Louis had actually owned and given away his previous pair. Well, we are lucky that louisnomads' eye for a bargain led him back to the Pro Alpha because now he has realised what a HUGE mistake he made in giving away his first pair :)

You can read louisnomads story on the links below and find out what he thought when he finally took time to appreciate these underated earphones.

"To me, the Pro Alpha is a keeper! My number one IEM since I got them again!"

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R3 - Extensive review

Another review for our new, top line earphones, the r3.

This review is quite extensive, has some great detail, great images and is a great all round balanced assessment of these stylish and different in ear monitors

Many thanks to bowei006 from for taking time to give such and in depth and thorough review.

Here is the final conclusion: 

The R3 is a very genre driven IEM. It’s detail and focus on mids, highs with decent backup from the bass makes it work better with most forms of old rock, classical, and some forms of Jazz along with other clear music. Rap, pop and most other heavy type of music saturated with harsh tones and snares in them don’t fit the R3 well at all. It has a level of clarity that you would expect from higher priced headphones, but the thing that does indeed separate these IEM’s from the upper level big boys would be the refinement and extreme fine tuning to get the vocals just right in that they are thus realistic but also smooth for music among other things. The R3’s represent clear sounding IEM’s that are musical enjoyment based units as its sound signature benefits listening and enjoying rather than using these in a studio environment and listening to what is ‘wrong’.

So thats the conclusion but there is a lot more to read, so see the links below and have a look, its well worth a moment of your time.

Read full review - HERE

R3 full product details - HERE

See where to buy the R3 - HERE

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B2 - A Story of perseverance

Here at Brainwavz we know personal tastes are all different, what's good and right for one may not be so for another,  and we are glad to hear that " GeoD", a member of, decided to give his new B2 another go before returning them back to store.

GeoD didn't find the B2 sound and style totally to their taste, fair enough as this is what the industry is all about, finding your right sound, so, they decided the best thing was to return and try something else.

Well, in the meantime GeoD bought a nice little amp (a UHA-6S MKII) and, on the day of popping the B2 into the mail box, decided to give them one last shot and try them in the amp - well all we can say is thanks -  thanks for giving the B2 another try because GeoD found that this combination of player, amp and B2 is now, and I quote directly.....

"one of the best bang-for-the-buck audio investments I've made"

So if you ever read this GeoD thanks for investing in the B2 and persevering and we are proud to be part of your day to day audio heaven - sorry we cant fulfil your request of a $100 price tag -  but you never know.

For details on the B2 earphones look here

For places to buy the B2 and other Brainwavz products see our where to buy section

You can read the full story from GeoD on head-fi

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HM9 - Another review from Poland

Another review from Poland for the HM9 Headphones, this time from there are 4 pages of review here and some nice photographs too, so, if this is your preffered language, or you fancy reading through a Google translate, then take a look and see what you think.

here is the final quote .. in Polish .. we hope its a good one!!!

HM9 brzmią tak jak wyglądają, co zaskakująco dobrze oddaje ich specyfikę. To słuchawki dla fanów basu, rozrywki, gatunków elektronicznych, rapu, rocka lub metalu, ale w przyciemnionym i ocieplonym sosie. Obudziły we mnie bassheada, oderwały na chwilę od jazzu na rzecz bardziej nowoczesnych brzmień, których słuchało mi się z przyjemnością. Gdyby tylko cena była odrobinę niższa…

image property of and there are many more nice images in the review

full review here

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Delta Review on HeadFi

Another review just in for our new budget (in price only!!) priced IEM - The DELTA are proving a great hit due to their value for money sound and build quality.

It really is quite an accomplishment for the Delta to offer these qualities at such a reduced retail cost


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S! - New Review (pandatech)

New review of our brand new S1 Over-Ear earphones from

"...The S1 is a well balanced IEM fit for people that like to listen to many different genres. The sound is fun with the bass and it just works for any type of music I tried. The pulled back and less 'clear' vocals make some songs easy to listen to if they are of bad quality or if they are very harsh rock songs, while the upper mid sparkle helps bring instruments out..."

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R3 - Another review just in

Another great review has just been posted by the guys over at head headfonics- they give some great detail into the sound characteristics of the R3 and the styling with all the pro's and con's you will ever need

......... Brainwavz has somehow made the strange form factor not only work, but be more comfortable than most traditional IEMs. They’ve even made the dual dynamic driver system actually work in a way that sounds better than $129 has the right to…

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Brainwavz R3:" Rounding Into Shape"

New review from HeadFi user jant71 for our new high end R3 earphones.

The R3 won't be for everyone. They are decidedly big and thick and probably not for those that want small, light, and low profile. They are more audiophile voiced than many of the dual dynamics like the Radius earphones or even the R1. They are just an earphone based around a unique design, with a quality sound, and a competitive price. They stand out and are worth a look!  

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R3 - Quick Unboxing Video

Another un-boxing, this time we have our new high end R3 earphones being ripped from our fresh new packaging - this is just a quick video showing the box, quick over view and accessories - the reviewer will follow up with a full on weite up on his head-fi pages.

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DELTA - Quick unboxing

Just a quick video from "Panda Tech" showing a quick unboxing of our new Budget Beaters - The Brainwavz Delta


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PREVIEW - S1 and R3 Box Samples

A little something for all of you that like to follow the poroduction processs involved in releasing new products. Here we have some final print samples of the boxes and inserts for the new S1 and R3 earphones, were pretty happy with them, just a couple of tweeks to make before the final production run - look out for the new R3 and S1 soon.

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HM9 Review from Russia

The world is slowly getting their hands on our new on-ear Headphones, the HM9.

Here we have a new review from Russian site appleinsider - a nice review (well, from the translation it seems good) and a few nice images also

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HM9 Video Unboxing from Poland

Nice unboxing video from in Polish - well we hope its nice as we dont speak the language - but many thanks for the guys for oing a great unboxoing  and giving a great guide around the box and its (great) contents ;)

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S1 - Early Review

Early review from jant71 from

"Simply put, I think the S1 are a well built, uniquely styled, rich sounding phone that is a heck of a lot of fun in all aspects! Kudos to Brainwavz for something a bit more unique and different than past offerings!"

Posted on 2013 Sep 14 by Brainwavz - Category: Review, S1 - [Read Full Story..]

DELTA - Budget phones are proving a big hit

When we were designing and developing the Delta earphones we knew we were onto a winner but until they get into real peoples hands you just never know - well after a few reviews its turning out even better than we hoped, ok, its only a few reviews but none the less they are damn good ones - so good we should think about doubling the price ... only kidding   only kidding!!! - these are still a budget phone .. but in price only, because, as you will read, they are worth a ten times that in sound quality. 

Read the latest quick impressions review from Dsnuts from Head Fi

I think Brainwavz has outdone themselves with these earphones. If this is an indication of where they are headed with their new earphones. I have to say. I am impressed. Good job fellas. I am enjoying them as I type and that is the ultimate goal of any earphone at any price let alone a $20 phone. These sound damn good. Lol. Next time ya'll are on Mp4nation grab yourself a pair..

review here

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S1 - Initial Impressions

I hesitaed to post this as its not a full review, but it does give a brief overview of our new S1 earphones as well as treating you all to some nice images so you can get a good feel on the styling of these babies

"As an overal package for $60, I am impressed."

Review here

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DELTA - Review - D2K from MP4Nation Forums

New review just in of our brand new IEM - Delta.

D2K has given them a glowing review and we could not be happier. Our team really wanted one product that just sounded really good and low cost enough that most people would be tempted to pick it up. I know it may sound like i am just blowing my own horn but the Delta really are very good for what they are AND we even broke from the normal black color and added some color and flare (but not too much flare).


Posted on 2013 Sep 05 by Brainwavz - Category: Review, Delta - [Read Full Story..]

HM9 Headphones reviews by Ifans blog

Ifans have done a great review of our new HM9 headphones ans shower it with four and a half out of five stars.

Brainwavz have done an overall good job on these headphones.  They do have a few caveats, but overall don’t disappoint too much, not enough to deter me from recommending them.  They offer a very compelling, bassy, warm, and smooth sound that is sure to impress most people who hear them.

Full review here -

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HM9 Review - D2K from MP4nation forums

We have a new review in for the HM9 earphones, many thanks to user D2K on the mp4nation forums for giving us his thoughts on our new headphones.

You can read the full review here on the mp4nation foums

HM9 product page here

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NEW - HM9 First Review Now Live

The first review is up from

MP4Nation’s Brainwavz brand showed up to the headphone scene with their Alpha and Beta IEMs, which, at the time, were a screaming deal in a world (2008) there were very few options for IEMs other than the JVC Marshmallows, Skullcandies, and Soundmagic PL30. Fast forward just a few years, and they’re rebranding great over ear headphones like their HM5. Now, they’re trying their hand at breaking into the consumer-friendly headphone scene with the new HM9.

Posted on 2013 Aug 19 by Brainwavz - Category: New - [Read Full Story..]

Introducing the Brainwavz HM9 Headphones

Brainwavz HM9

The Brainwavz HM9 use 40 mm drivers which have been tuned meticulously to deliver audio with accuracy, high fidelity and a deep bass extension that doesn't suffer from distortion. From the most subtle notes to deep, punchy bass, the HM9 make no compromise to deliver high-quality sound suitable for any genre of music. The large earpads cover your ears to provide a seal that blocks out almost all outside noise, leaving your ears to hear your music only.

The HM9 have been crafted from high grade, light weight aluminum, allowing for durability in any environment. Be it walking outside, relaxing at home or DJ’s mixing tracks in a club, no compromise was made in style or comfort.  As a plus for compact storage, the HM9 can also be folded up.

The Brainwavz HM9 will retail for $149.50 and will be available from retailers starting in middle of August 2013.


  • Punchy, accurate bass
  • Warm, fun and exciting sound signature
  • Large, memory foam earpads.
  • Foldable for compact storage
  • 3 sets of detacable cables: 1.3m cable with microphone & remote for phones, 1.3m cable, 3m cable.


  • Transducers/Drivers: Dynamic, 40mm
  • Rated Impedance: 40ohms Closed Dynamic
  • Sensitivity: 104dB at 1mW
  • Frequency range: 10Hz ~ 24KHz
  • Distortion: <= 0.3% @ 94dB
  • Channel balance: =< 2dB (at 1000Hz)
  • Maximum input power: 1000mW
  • Cable length: Detachable 1.3 meters (2 pairs) & 3 meters
  • 1 year warranty

*Included Accessories:

  • 1 x 1.3m cable with remote & microphone for phones (TRRS plug, suitable for iPhone, iPad, iPod and some Android phones)
  • 1 x 1.3m cable
  • 1 x 3m cable
  • 1 x Airplan adapter
  • 1 x Hard carrying case
  • 1 x Instruction manual
  • 1 x Warranty card
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HM5 + 3D Printer = THIS!!!

We had a little extra time on our hands and decided to experiment with our HM5, we crafted a simple earcup with a semi open design and printed it in our UP 3D printer, so far we have only printed one cup as our printer decided to have its first break down during the printing of the second cup. I should have the second cup printed later today (fingers crossed)

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HM9 - Sneak Preview

Just a glimpse of part of a new headphone that will soon join the line up in August, more pictures and information later in the month, these two images were just sent over from the factory

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